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William Wixon Bio

Nathan Peden

William Wixon

Director of Creative Programs

William Wixon was born in Greenwood, MS, and was an avid outdoorsman growing up. William earned the rank of Eagle scout in the BSA and eventually graduated from Cleveland High School in Cleveland, MS. He received a BA degree with an emphasis in computer information systems from Delta State University. He has worked in the corporate sector for over a decade and a half and began consulting with the Mississippi Delta Team in 2009. William handles our web site design and administration as well as all other IT concerns.

A gifted photographer, William is a member of the Drake Waterfowl Creative Team and a frequent contributor to their catalogues, Website and social media. He also handles photography, videography and graphic design needs for our company. All the t-shirts end with his touch. William directs and coordinates the MS Delta Ducks trade show appearances as well as public relations matters with our partners in the industry.

William is a life member of the Mississippi Bowhunters Association and tries to work as much outdoor activity into his busy schedule as possible. William’s wife, Mandi, is a member of the Delta State University Athletic Hall of Fame in recognition of her stellar collegiate softball career. Much of their free time these days is devoted to their sons, Will and Walker, who play sports and, like their dad, are actively involved in BSA.

Our team would not be complete without the many contributions of William. Give him a call with any creative or public relations questions or come visit with him at one of our trade show appearances.


William Wixon