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About Us

MS Delta Ducks, Deer and Farmland Properties, Inc. is a Mississippi licensed real estate company handling farmland and hunting real estate sales as well as farmland and wildlife management services. We operate as five divisions with separate Websites: MS Delta Ducks, MS Delta Deer, MS Delta Farmland, MS Delta Creations, and MS Delta Corporate.

MS Delta Ducks is designed and administered to assist hunters in locating quality duck hunting opportunities in the Mississippi Delta. We offer guided morning hunts, a shared duck leases season hunt program, and exclusive duck leases, all under the watchful eye of Nathan Peden, our Director of Wildlife Programs. For the daily operation of the programs, Nathan is assisted by the field staff duck hunting guides.

MS Delta Deer is designed and administered to assist hunters in locating quality deer hunting opportunities in the Delta either through club memberships, a shared deer leases season hunt program, or a guided afternoon deer hunt.

MS Delta Farmland is designed and administered to assist landowners, real estate investors and producers in discovering opportunities to meet their particular needs. Cristopher Wilson as a licensed Mississippi real estate broker handles all the real estate activities of the corporation. Through Cris’ efforts the company provides management services and represents buyers and sellers in the purchase and sell of farmland and hunting properties.

Our Land for Sale section contains information about real estate that has been listed for sale with the company.

www.msdeltacreations.com This Website is designed and administered to promote the Mississippi Delta Region that the company calls home. The Delta has a tremendous amount of culture and beauty that can be captured through photography and art. Hunt the Delta apparel is offered as a lifestyle brand through the company. William Wixon serves as Director of Website Design and Administration and deals with other IT concerns of the company. He handles photography and videography for the company working with the staff to produce Hunt the Delta episodes and graphic designs for the lifestyle brand.

We are a small closely held company with many facets revolving around the fertile alluvial soils and abundant wildlife that define the MS Delta. It is our sincere desire to expose you to this region and provide you with an opportunity to invest in, explore, showcase or hunt the Delta!