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William Fisher Bio

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William Fisher

Field Staff Duck Hunting Guide

William is the fifth generation Fisher to "be in the land business." If you put a label that said "Made in the Delta," it would be stamped on his forehead. As with most young people, William spent his high school years trying to show that he was not just a Delta Boy. He was highly offended when his fellow students showed up at a high school sporting event in their camo jackets. In college at Ole Miss, he has grown to understand that he is, in fact, all things Delta. He grew up hunting with Nathan, Cris, and the guys. If you want to talk politics, religion, or SEC sports, he's your man, but you better know your stuff. To experience the Delta through the eyes of a native, request that Nathan add William to your hunting party (for entertainment they're a winning combination), join us and Hunt the Delta!

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